Millennium Elephant Foundation (MEF) is situated on a beautiful 15 acre estate known as ‘Samaragiri’. In 1979 Mr Sam Samarasinghe (1939 – 1991) an animal lover opened the estate to the public as Club Concept. Guests can interact by riding (but we do recommend to do the “Elephant walk instead”), bathing and feeding elephants. MEF has been working continually to improve the treatment of elephants in Sri Lanka by providing a place of medical services and facilities.


 International volunteers play an important role year round at Millennium Elephant Foundation contributing to the daily running and future development. The primary focus of MEF volunteers is the daily care and management of the elephants living with us. Working under the direction of your elephant’s mahout and with other volunteers, you will be required to assist with its feeding, and bathing throughout your stay; and hopefully build a special relationship with your elephant!


There are 4 main aspects to volunteer work here at MEF that we ask all volunteers to get involved in, they are:


  • MEF The daily care and treatment of your elephant as well as the administration, fundraising, research, campaigning and museum maintenance needed to support the foundation and our C2C project aimed at improving the lives of elephants and people in Habarana.
  • Eco-farm Volunteers will work alongside our gardener growing many fruits, vegetables and medicinal herbs that will be used in elephant care and enrichment, in the restaurant and sold by you in the fruit shop!
  • MVU When available, volunteers will be invited to assist the vets on visits to sick elephants and to the Peraheras (religious parades) the MVU vets supervise. (Please note these visits cannot be guaranteed during your stay)
  • Teaching We have set up informal after school clubs attended by children and adults of all ages, for a few hours a week volunteers can help these children improve their English skills and to raise awareness of conservation issues. Teaching qualifications are not necessary.





‘We are supporting The TEA Project to Fight Child Poverty in Sri Lanka. If you would like to learn more about their work, VolunTEAr or donate then ‘Read More‘.


The TEA Project is based in Kandy, within the Central Highland Province of Sri Lanka. Like the unique Kandyan weather the ethnic & religious context is as strong and diverse with Sinhalese, Tamil, Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim & Christian communities sharing the close proximity of the city. They are a grass roots organisation supporting children from the poorest urban and rural areas throughout Sri Lanka where education and lives have been disrupted by poor economics, war, poverty, abuse and natural disaster. They are always looking to expand our partnerships.


If you would like to pursue an opportunity to Volunteer for The TEA Project please email your details to